Values Explorer Session

During this 75 min session we will work intensely on figuring out your Top 5 values.

Working on Values is a game changer.

Once you have these values under your belt I will show you how to use them to make better decisions faster. They will become part of your go-to road map when navigating personal and professional choices.

You will also be able to pinpoint where in life you are being true to yourself and where you are living to please others; and how you can change the later dynamic. By knowing how to identify your values you will soon be able to identify those of others and that will allow you to communicate with them much more effectively.

Strategy Session

Ever thought about working with a coach, but not really sure it’s for you? Or are you looking at a few coaches to work with and want to talk to each to see which you think is a better fit for you? Then this is the session for you.

This is a short strategy session where we will both be able to ask questions and decide what is the best course of action. We might decide to work together on a 5 session package, a one-off session or you we might decide we are not a good fit, and that is fine too.

I don’t believe in sales pressure, especially with something so important as this. There will be no core coaching in this session.

One Issue – One Session Life Coaching

Often clients just need help sorting out one issue and don’t need a course of coaching sessions. These special sessions are to be booked when you are looking to get resolution around one topic that generally is a choice between two or three option or when you need a road map on how to ask someone for something.

These can include “Should I take job A or job B?”, or “I want to ask for a raise, but I don’t know how.” Or “I have been asked to serve on a committee but I am not sure I want to… what should I do?”

These sessions will help with focus and immediate action taking, they are not for large issues in life like, “Should I get divorced?”.

Existing client one-off session

This session is for clients who have already worked with me on a package of sessions and need a top-up, or want to work on one issue but don’t need another course of coaching.