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BOOK: Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life (April 2014) $17.99/£11.99


BOOK: Give YourSelf Permission Anthology (Nov. 2016) $18.99/£14.99

Everybody has a story, people just want to be heard and most want to know they are not alone.

Find out how others have changed their lives and how you can do the same.

eCOURSE: Give YourSelf Permission Speaker Series FREE

These videos will change the way you look at what’s possible! You will not want to miss what these gifted authors, speakers, coaches and business professionals have to say.

44 Give YourSelf Permission authors have written their story, now be inspired by 6 of them as they share their amazing experiences and outcomes.

eCOURSE: Give Yourself Permission Writer’s Workshop $26.95

Life coach and editor of Give Yourself Permission Magazine and the Anthology with novelist and writer Lynn Lipinski will guide you in sharing story from the heart. Lynn will help you find your own voice to create short writings about yourself. You’ll also learn tips and techniques used by screenwriters and novelists to help you write in a way that will grab the attention of readers and make them want to learn more. Priya will help you overcome some of the common blocks and fears getting your story out there.


Support Materials for “Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life” FREE

Download the coaching materials from “Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life”. These downloads will give you the tools to try the exercises for yourself.  These downloads also support the audio version of the book. You will receive the permission slip, a circles of control chart, a values chart, a knowing you matter pathway and more.

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Before we produced the GYSP Anthology, our publication began life as a magazine.

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