The Give YourSelf Permission Anthology

Listen to Pauline Capalbo, one of our Anthology authors, interview Priya and a few more of our authors about the book.

Give YourSelf Permission Anthology Intro Video

In order of appearance in the Give YourSelf Permission Anthology, here are our wonderful authors each sharing their #permissionstory with the world.  Fourty-four inspirational and insightful true stories of risk-taking, life changes and successful outcomes. Everybody has a story. People just want to be heard and most want to know they are not alone.

Family & Relationships

Give YourSelf Permission to Say “I Love You” by Heera Kapoor
What happens when you have been trained to help people and all you can do is stand by and watch them jump to their death? You learn a lesson from the experience.
Heera Kapoor has worked in High Tech PR for many years, including a stint at Hill + Knowlton. After nearly ten years of running her own business in Tahiti, she returned to LA to be closer to family and have new experiences.

Give YourSelf Permission to be at Peace by Charles Carroll
Charles shares his own approach to being at peace in a troublesome world.
Charles is a retired educator based in Florida. Currently he writes and practices regression hypnotism. In his spare time, he likes to travel and attend Toastmasters meetings.

Give YourSelf Permission to Leave an Abusive Relationship by Dawn Anderson
How do you summon up the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship? It takes faith in oneself and the ability to ask for help.
Through her essays, Dawn Lauren Anderson shares her life experiences so others may see their own situations from a different perspective, listen to their inner voice, and find their courage.

Give YourSelf Permission to Say “No” by Shemaiah Gonzalez
Saying no is really hard for a lot of people.  It wasn’t until well into adulthood that Shemaiah met a friend who showed her that it was okay to be direct.
Shemaiah is a freelance writer living in Seattle. She is obsessed with being well rounded as she jumps from Victorian Lit to Kendrick Lamar, and from the homeless shelter to the cocktail party.

Give YourSelf Permission to in Believe Miracles by Leanne Wood
Leanne tells us how she came to meet her husband of nearly 30 years through a series of incredible miracles.
Leanne, who was born in New Zealand, has lived in Ireland, Canada, England, Scotland, Romania and now resides with her husband Murray, in beautiful Santa Barbara in the USA.

Give YourSelf Permission to Rise Above the Bully by Matt Bunke
Sometimes we do things we should not, just to be accepted. Matt shares how rising above it all and owning your actions is the way to live a true and strong life.
Matt is an engineer in Fort Worth, Texas and more importantly, after trying for 11 years, he and his wife Melissa were blessed with a child. Now Matt has a new mission to teach and guide Collin, so he can become a hero.

Give YourSelf Permission to Choose Yourself by Sarah Brandis
Would you recognize if you were stuck in a “comfortably uncomfortable” relationship?  How would you give yourself permission to say “this is not enough” and choose to make yourself happy?
A trained life coach and cognitive neuroscience graduate, Sarah’s favorite topic to write about is the human mind. Sarah enjoys hiking, biking and all things nature.

Give YourSelf Permission to be Assertive by Mary Note-Law
Being assertive is about finding your own voice and speaking up, but how do we go about it when we have been submissive for many years?
Mary is a spiritual teacher, artist and author whose family keeps her firmly anchored on the ground.

Give YourSelf Permission to Understand your Friendships by Shemaiah Gonzalez
Not all friends are created the same. Shemaiah writes about how to navigate and honor each friendship for what it is.
Shemaiah Gonzalez is a freelance writer. She is attempting to bring back pearls and aprons to the Stay-at-Home mom culture, but her love of rap music is stifling that dream.

Give YourSelf Permission to Have a Happy Relationship by Marko Petkovic
Marko shares how he and his wife pulled their relationship back from the brink of disaster to the loving, exciting, passionate, and connected partnership they enjoy today.
Marko is a published author, husband, and father, in search of the extraordinary. He is fascinated by the power of the mind in both holding people back and driving them forward.

Give YourSelf Permission to Grieve by Nanette Stein
After her family faced multiple tragedies, Nanette turned those experiences into lessons to help both herself and others by writing and sharing about how she has coped and learned from these life-changing events.
Nanette Stein is a freelance writer and editor, and happens to be the editor on this Anthology.  She took the leap in November 2015 and “retired” from her career as a Radiographer to pursue her writing full time.

Give YourSelf Permission to Divorce with Grace by Pauline Capalbo
Pauline shares her journey through the end of her marriage. She also shares how she realiazed that her challenges built strength and courage.
Pauline Capalbo, an Energy Healer and Intuitive, shared her story to inspire others to follow their truth, heal and empower themselves.

Give YourSelf Permission to Feel Vulnerable by Maja Hadziomerovic
Maja shares a deeply personal story of a repressed childhood memory of her time as a Bosnian refugee and the lessons it taught her about giving herself permission to be vulnerable.
Maja works in commercial strategy and deal coaching in London. She is fascinated by human behavior and enjoys public speaking.

Health & Wellness

Give YourSelf Permission to Meditate by Dina Proctor
After hitting rock bottom in her life, Dina started to meditate for 3 minutes. She shares how this simple and quick practice helped her finally find happiness and peace.
Dina loves traveling and helping others to transform their lives!

Give YourSelf Permission to Overcome Sudden Blindness by Yolanda Nava
Yolanda shares her story of overcoming sudden blindness and rediscovering her spiritual side.  She gave herself permission not to give into the fear, the anger, the doubt, or the belief that blindness is “devastating.”
Yolanda is an award-winning veteran broadcast journalist and author of the book – It’s All in the Frijoles.

Give YourSelf Permission to Use Your Voice by Mike van Leuken
Mike’s story is about learning to express himself, use his voice and how he worked on no longer hiding his light. Mike says it remains a work-in-progress with small steps made nearly every day.
Mike, from Calgary, works in computer support, and enjoys writing, creating Northwest Coast art in water-color pencil and, in moderation, flavorful dark roast coffee and craft beers.

Give YourSelf Permission to Thrive by Darcy M. Burke, M.B.A.
The shock of having a sick child can change everything you have ever hoped and dreamed for — but it does not always have to be for the worse.
Darcy is president and CEO of a strategic communications and business consulting firm and loves to cook for family and friends, travel with her daughter Marissa and truly enjoys the art and science of red wine.

Give YourSelf Permission to Live Well with a Chronic Illness by Fabiana Couto
Fabiana shares her journey of how diabetes transformed her life and herself once she embraced it; something that was seen by her as a limitation and a curse, but later a gift and an opportunity.
Fabiana currently lives in Brazil and has a master’s in Psychology. She is also a certified wellness coach and is passionate about improving the quality of life of people living with chronic conditions.

Give YourSelf Permission to be Sober by Michael Frizzell
After two tours of Vietnam as a Marine, Michael discovered the power of alcohol at nineteen years old.  He shares his past battles and his journey to sobriety.
Michael has been traveling the world the last 11 years working on global warming issues. When he is home he works with veterans with War-related problems.

Give YourSelf Permission to Ask for Help by Avril McDonald
Avril was 8 years old when she experienced, what she would later learn was, her first panic attack.  She shares her story of being brave enough to ask for help.
Avril McDonald is an author, an ex-primary school teacher, business woman and a mum.

Give YourSelf Permission to Trust Your Instincts by Marcus Stone
Do we know ourselves better than anyone else? One man’s tale of trusting himself enough to challenge the status quo, which almost certainly saved his life.
Marcus is a life coach, mentor and trainer based in Surrey, UK. He is married to Sylvia, has two sons, Will and James, and loves dogs, mountains, lakes and beautiful conversation.

Give YourSelf Permission to Dance with the Spirits by Valerie McNeal
Valerie tells her 34-year story of physical and mental healing after a terrible car accident. She shares with us the traditional and the mystical facets of her journey.
Valerie McNeal is a northern California artist in Silicon Valley who makes her living as a muralist and gallery artist. She has BFA and an MS in Therapeutic Recreation and is also the single mother of a lovely daughter.

Give YourSelf Permission to be Vegan by Barbara Henszey
What began as a search for better health turned into a lifelong creative odyssey. Veganism, for Barbara, is an exploration akin to painting that draws on lavish palettes of colors, textures, flavors and smells. And like a performer, Barbara crafts her dishes and recipes for their audience.
Barbara’s first word as a baby was “airplane.” As a toddler, she and her Dad often went flying together around southern Wisconsin in a Beechcraft Staggerwing, named Rudolph for its red nose!

Career & Purpose

Give YourSelf Permission to Live Life on Life’s Terms – Interview by James Darnborough
James interviews Army Physician Assistant (PA) Major Terri Gurrola.  Her story is one of strength, bravery, and giving herself permission to live life on life’s terms.
Born and raised in London, England, James now lives and works in Santa Barbara, California having spent over 25 years in the media business in the UK, South Africa, Australia and the USA. He is the Publisher of Give YourSelf Permission – Anthology.

Give YourSelf Permission to Chase Green Dots – by Robyn Geddes
When you have no choice but to follow your calling – no matter what your parents think.
Robyn started his career working at Andy Warhol’s factory from 1978 to 1983 and now lives in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Give Yourself Permission to Leave Your Family Business by G. Brian Benson
Brian shares his experience of giving himself permission to leave his family’s business and follow his own path.
G. Brian Benson is an award-winning author, actor, filmmaker, inspirational speaker and 4x Ironman triathlete.  In his spare time he enjoys hiking, healthy living and binge watching Netflix.

Give YourSelf Permission to Share Your Stories by Lynn Lipinski
Veteran PR executive and speechwriter finds a way to honor her creative spirit and starts writing fiction stories for her own fulfillment.
Lynn Lipinski is an author,  writer and editor who pens non-fiction for a living and mystery fiction for fun. Originally from Tulsa, OK, she now lives in North Hollywood, CA.

Give YourSelf Permission to be a Small Kid with a Big Dream by Scott Mann
Dreams are the secret sauce to living into who we were born to be. For Scott, his dream of becoming a Green Beret was all he had. But, it was enough to carry him into a life that was even better than he ever dreamed it would be.
Scott D. Mann, Lt. Col. (Ret.) spent 23 years in the US Army, 18 as a Green Beret. Scott is also an author and appears frequently on CNN, Bloomberg, Fox and Friends and dozens of syndicated radio shows.

Give YourSelf Permission to Have Financial Freedom by Trish Dolasinski, Ed. D.
Growing up, Trish worried there wouldn’t be enough money to survive. Therefore, she learned that money was earned and saved for a rainy day, and only spent on the core necessities of life. This is about giving herself permission to overcome this pattern and enjoy financial freedom.
Trish Dolasinski, Ed.D. is a freelance writer, editor, professor as well as a talented group facilitator. Trish resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Frank. They have seven gorgeous (of course!) grandchildren under age eight. They enjoy worldwide cultures and travel.

Give YourSelf Permission to Make a Hard Decision by Heidi Kingstone
Heidi learned that life affords you opportunities, but you have to act to make things happen.  And you also have to know when to say make a difficult choice.
Heidi an author and a foreign correspondent who has covered human rights issues, conflict and politics. She lived in London, England, but is a native of  Canada. 

Give YourSelf Permission to Leave a Good Job by Ray Burkhalter
Ever wonder how other people seem to be playing golf in the middle of a work day? Ever thought about getting out the daily grind, no matter how good your job is? Find out how one man was able to do it.
Based in Alabama, Ray has been a business coach and trainer for solopreneurs since 2009. He wanted to share his story here because he knows firsthand how challenging life can be when you are working one career but deeply desire to leave that to pursue a different path.

Give YourSelf Permission to Dress for Success by Catherine Cassidy
Catherine shares her story of giving herself permission to dress for success. “It goes deeper than just the clothes; it’s about the vulnerability it takes to be seen.”
Catherine has a unique blend of expertise in business, fashion, entrepreneurship and speaking. Ustyled supports busy professional women to evolve their leadership style and outsource their shopping.

Give YourSelf Permission to Listen to Nature by Leslie Thompson
Leslie shares her adventure in opening an herb shop only to wonder why she ever had. She recounts how one day she received a cue from a charming mockingbird and was able to take a different path.
Now enjoying semi-retirement from therapeutic massage she is liberating her writing from the drawer and sharing her stories!

Give YourSelf Permission to Be Present by Vincent Avila
Like many people, over the years and throughout a successful career, Vincent became a very busy person. While it was often necessary to be extremely work-focused, he eventually came to realize that something was missing.
Vincent Avila is a retired police chief and coach. He holds a bachelor’s in vocational education and a master’s in emergency services administration. He lives in San Diego, California with his lovely wife and dotes on his grandchildren.

Give YourSelf Permission to Find Your Golden Voice by Lynn Lipinski
Lynn shares her experience of how being different from most everyone else can have immeasurable advantages.
Lynn Lipinski is an author, writer and editor who pens non-fiction for a living and mystery fiction for fun. Originally from Tulsa, OK, she now lives in North Hollywood, CA.

Travel & Lifestyle

Give YourSelf Permission to be Persistent by Geoffrey Kent
What happens when you combine vision and persistence, with a dash of maverick tendencies? A very successful business, with a whole lot of adventure.
Geoffrey Kent is the founder and CEO of Abercrombie & Kent, the world’s premier luxury travel company. He lives between Monaco and London.

Give YourSelf Permission to Say “Yes.” by Priya Rana Kapoor
Want to be able to do a lot of cool stuff and have some amazing experiences? Then sometimes you just have to say yes to those crazy ideas that are presented to you.
Priya is an avid sports watcher and traveler, with a dream of seeing Uluru someday soon. She aspires to own a closet full of cowboy boots and anything else with a bit of bling.

Give YourSelf Permission to Live Life’s Great Adventure by Deri Llewellyn-Davies
Living your life without regrets only to have your plans shaken by a massive earthquake on the world’s highest mountain.
Deri is an author and business strategy consultant. He is a proud Welshman but lives in England and dotes on his three daughters.

Give YourSelf Permission to Leap by Debbie Brosten
What would happen if you set aside your feelings of self-doubt and leaped into the great unknown?
Debbie Brosten relocated to Bellingham after retiring from a career in education. She delights in the serendipity of her travel-filled life and the people who populate it.

Give YourSelf Permission to Make Your Home Wherever Your Heart Is by Leslie Keeler Saglio
Leslie shares her experience of giving herself permission to make home wherever your heart is.  And as an expat of ten years, Leslie knows what it takes to overcome the challenges to create a new and happy life.
In her capacity as a coach she powerfully and holistically guides others to their happy and stress-free life. In her spare time she loves to travel and enjoy her new life in Barcelona with her husband and two young children.

Give YourSelf Permission to Travel the World by Wendy Profit
A pointed question by a college professor and a random free airline ticket opens up a whole new world for this inquisitive woman.
Wendy Profit is a singer/songwriter, blogger, and short story author. She was a featured artist in Girls Rock!: Fifty Years of Women Making Music.

Give YourSelf Permission to Open Your Heart to Service by Arlene Dreste
After nearly dying and loosing both her parents and a partner, this brave woman changes her life and decides to start working with the animals in far off lands.
Arlene was born and raised in Queens, New York and currently lives in Arizona with her family of rescued dogs and cats. She’s been a vegetarian since the age of sixteen, and her favorite songs are Born Free and Here Comes the Sun.

Give YourSelf Permission to be Uncertain by Teresa E. Olson
Teresa has recently leapt into uncertainty to try life as a traveller and writer.  This is her story of giving herself permission.
Teresa Olsen plans to return to Montana at the end of her travels and resume work as a water conservation specialist. She loves cooking, camping, bird watching, and the Green Bay Packers.

Give YourSelf Permission to Sail Away by Paul Bain
In 1993, Paul and Kate set sail with their baby son, Jack. This voyage encompassed both the extreme idyll of Caribbean island paradise, and the reality of medical emergencies, tropical storms and hurricanes, as they made their way home over the Atlantic. Paul’s Permission Story shares part of this journey with us.
Paul is Director of Studies at Seaford College. His other adventures include rallying a tiny minivan 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia and forging the Vietnamese jungle on a motor scooter. Paul lives in Chichester, West Sussex with his family.